A New Love for Tennis

Thanks to the NatiPro_Feet_Tennis_Clinic_Kidsonal Sporting Goods Association and Pro Feet, Inc. for treating our kids to a special field trip to learn all about tennis. Oscar, 9, and his brother Joel, 11, were faced with the difficult choice of the tennis trip or church, where they had been chosen to greet people and assist during the service for the first time. Oscar made his decision. “I’m going to choose the tennis field trip because it’s a once in a lifetime opportunity and I can serve at church next week,” he said. Once they arrived at the tennis venue, the kids became increasingly excited by their new surroundings, and were especially thrilled when upon their arrival they each received a new tennis racket! The kids did great following instructions and the coaches who taught basic skills were fun and patient with these beginners. The kids were intensely focused on learning and were dedicated to improving their form. A big hit was collecting the balls at the end of the session. The kids loved taking turns with the basket to retrieve the balls. Of course, balancing as many as possible on the racket was also a fun challenge. Overall the kids had a blast and a new energy about a sport many of them had never tried before.

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