Senator Lamar Alexander (R-TN) has drafted and put forth a bill that eliminates and repurposes 21st Century Community Learning Center (21st CCLC) Funding across the country – which currently provides afterschool and summer learning programs for 1.6 million students.

What does Bill HR 5 mean for the Boys & Girls Clubs?

Considering that Club members have better school attendance, better grades, and get into trouble less often, this would be devastating to the mission of the Boys & Girls Clubs – to inspire and enable all kids, especially those who need us most, to realize their full potential as productive, responsible, and caring citizens. Further, 57% of Boys & Girls Clubs alumni say “the Club saved my life,” This is, quite literally, a life and death decision for thousands of kids in Austin and millions of children nationwide.

Please make your voice heard on behalf of children who cannot speak for themselves. Tell your representatives and tell your friends that cutting 21st Century funding will result in a national tragedy. Here’s how:

  1. Send a message to the House and Senate today. Use the convenient template provided by the Afterschool Alliance.

    Use the sample text below, the text provided on the template, or create your own. There will be a place for you to insert your own closing

    Sample Text:
    On behalf of more than 6,000 Boys & Girls Clubs of the Austin Area 21st CCLC members, thank you for your support of approving funding for afterschool and summer learning programs in previous years. It has been undeniably proven that after school and summer programs provide critical support for children’s learning and safety and for working families across the country. By eliminating funding for 21st Century programs, thousands of Austin area children and millions of at-risk and disadvantaged children will fall between the cracks of society; and will continue to perpetuate the cycle of poverty and despair throughout America. Please continue to serve as an Ambassador of the great state of Texas, and as an advocate for our children and tomorrow’s leaders by insuring that no bill is passed without providing the continuation of 21st Century Learning Center funding included.

  1. Enlist others to help. Email your friends the link to this post and ask them to take action, and post to Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

Facebook/LinkedIn post:

Friends, please help. Senator Lamar Alexander (R-TN) put forth Senate Bill HR 5, which would eliminate and repurpose 21st Century Community Learning Center funding, providing afterschool and summer programs for 1.6 million students nationwide, including half of @Boys & Girls Clubs of the Austin Area Club members.

Please take just a few moments to speak up for kids who cannot speak for themselves.

Tweet this:

Take action! Stop Senate Bill HR5. Save #afterschool & summer programs for 1.6mm students & 6K @BGCAustin Club kids!

  1. Stay involved. We will keep you up to date and possibly ask for you to take action again. We simply cannot let this bill pass and fail our children.

Additional Information

What is 21st Century Funding?

21st Century funding is awarded to Title I Schools to help reduce and eliminate the educational gap for children living in impoverished, and at-risk communities. A school receives the Title I designation when 40% or more of its students fall below the level of poverty and receive free or reduced meals.

What does living in poverty mean?

As defined by the Federal Government, living below the level of poverty means that a family of 4 makes collectively less than $23,000 per year; and that a family of up to 8 earn wages of $40,000 or less.

Why get involved?

With the introduction of Bill HR 5, thousands of Austin area children and over 1.6 million kids nationwide living in poverty, attending Title I schools, will lose their after-school and summer program. Clubs will close, programs will end and children will be the victims of this reckless decision. They will leave school every day unguided, unsupervised and unsafe, instead of attending a safe, fun and engaging Boys & Girls Club.

Use this chance to speak for Austin kids, as well as millions of other children throughout our country. Reach out to Senators Cornyn and Cruz, and specifically Senator Alexander, and let them know you care for kids, you vote, and that the Draft ESEA Reauthorization and support of eliminating 21st Century Community Learning Centers funding is unacceptable. They must insist and assure that these dollars are available to continue to fund critical after school programs for at-risk children. Please take action today.


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