Amplify BGCAA!

Amplify BGCAA

The 2nd Annual Amplify Austin giving event is fast approaching. For 24 hours, beginning at 6:00 p.m. on March 20th, thousands of Central Texans will give to organizations that make our city, state, and world a better place. Consider “Amplifying” Austin’s future by making an investment in our city’s most precious natural resource – our kids.

How You Can Help

1.  Visit our page and schedule your gift today.  No calendar necessary. Simply complete the information, and your gift will process on March 20th after 6pm.

2. Set up your own fundraising page. Become an advocate for kids. Page setup is super easy, and super impactful. Encourage others to invest in Austin’s kids through the Boys & Girls Clubs.

3. Join our Power Hour. Make your gift between 7pm and 8pm on March 20th and help the Club win extra incentives. This one you can mark your calendar for!

$42.50 per month sponsors one Club kid. This monthly investment has the best ROI possible – click here to find out more about our impact.

An investment of any amount will help a great Club kid have a great future!

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